Young creatives and qualifications! Post Arts Award Q & A

Mon, July 15, 2019 by Albert

Here at Settle Stories we ran an Arts Award Week back in May 2019 with some local teenagers. We just found out that every participant that submitted a portfolio was successful!

I caught up with Jayne, our Heritage Project Officer, to find out her favourite parts of the week and if we’re hosting again.

What sort of activities does doing the Arts Award include?

Arts Award asks children and young people to do four things: take part & develop skills; respond to arts and cultural experiences; research the work of professionals; share their skills and run projects. Silver and Gold Awards require young people to take more individual responsibility for their own creative development and leadership projects. During Picture This! Arts Award in a Week participants got to take part in various creative workshops, visit The Folly Museum and curate their own exhibition!

What was your favourite part of the week?

Definitely the skills share day! Arts Award encourages young people to pass on their own arts skills to others and I was really impressed at how amazing our participants were, not only at the skills they chose to share but at how well they taught them to the others. They ran workshops in creative writing, origami, dance, photography, card-making, calligraphy and drama!

Young creatives

Is there going to be another free Arts Award with Settle Stories?

I think so. The feedback from the week was really positive and everyone who submitted a portfolio has passed their Bronze Arts Award which is fantastic!

What were the most important things the participants got from the week?

As well as creating some wonderful work I think they made new friends and had a lot of fun – which was fantastic! I also think all of the young people grew in confidence over the week and were inspired to try new things.

As the Arts Award was a part of the Tom Faulkner heritage project, how did the participants interact with Tom Faulkner’s work?

As you know Tom Faulkner was a local photographer here in Settle in the 1950s and 60s and we have a facsimile of his 1953 Coronation Celebration photo album showing how the town marked that special day. All the activities during the arts award week were based around ideas to do with photography and story: why we take photos, what we choose to photograph, what photographs show but also what they hide etc. Tom’s photos inspired our initial discussions and also formed the backdrop for drama, art and photography work we did. The young people created cartoon versions of themselves and put them in copies of Tom’s photos they also re-staged some of Tom’s shots on location in Settle which was great fun!

What are you most excited for now with the Tom Faulkner project?

Well…we’ve had a collection of Tom’s coronation celebration photos on display in an empty building in Chapel Street in Settle for some time now and as a result a few of the people who were children in those photos have contacted us and kindly shared their stories of the day and their memories of Tom Faulkner with us. I’m now working on how we share these stories and more of Tom’s photos with as many people as possible. So watch this space…

Interested in doing the arts award?! Keep your eyes peeled for news on our upcoming arts award plans or drop Jayne an email expressing your interest for future:

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