Review: World Storytelling Day 2019

Review written by a young audience member who is just 13. We love that he took the time to review our World Storytelling day event and hope you enjoy his reflections.

During the journey to the joinery i was wondering what was to happen and how the live broadcasting would work, anticipating something remarkable like all of settle stories events although intrigued to see how it would work and turn out.

As I walked up the steps I could hear a quiet bubble of chatter and could see refreshments along with boxes of popcorn. I was greeted politely (it is always friendly at the joinery) as I took a seat, looking to the front to see what was going to happen. There was a large screen displaying live broadcasts of the storytellers from around the world. The dark curtains and new lights really transformed the joinery creating a lovely atmosphere. Chris Bostock the compere came to the front and introduced himself and welcomed us to the event. He was stood in front of a camera which was broadcasting on to the screen so people watching across the world could see. Then Chris introduced us to John Namai who was all the way out in kenya. The broadcast on the screen went out to him but it was a bit glitchy and tricky to hear. Whilst they sorted out the problem. We moved on to Laura Simms representing North America who told a beautiful story of how humans were made by good will. After that we went back to john's story which was weird for me knowing that he was all the way out in Kenya yet sharing his story with us in the beautiful village of settle. Next we listened to Emile Angrande's story about the festival of the bull but not before she showd us around her Brasilian home. After that we had an interval then got back in to the hypnotizing storys with Tanya Batt's story about the white honey bee which really came to life with the backing music. After that we went on an incredible voyage to Antartica with Ingrid Nixon and then finally went to Asia with Settle's very own Sita Brand.

The night turned ouy to be a fantastic storytelling event from all seven continents of the world.





Images courtesy of Tony Crossland

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