World Book Day 2019

Workshops with storytellers for KS1/2 - across the North of England

Available week of World Book Day exclusively - 4th-8th March 2019

World Book day is a celebration of stories. The day is marked in over 100 countries across the world. Arts charity Settle Stories can help your school have the best celebration ever this year.

We’ve commissioned 4 professional storytellers to tour the North of England. These storytellers will work closely with your school to respond to your curricular needs. They can work closely with one class or work their way around the whole school. All the workshops on offer are interactive and will ensure an imaginative response from your pupils, leaving them with stories in their heads to retell at home. 

Workshops support these curriculum areas

English, History, Drama & Music

4 storytellers for your school to choose from

Sola Story – Nigerian Storyteller 

Sola Story grew up in Yoruba (Nigeria). Inspired by his culture, he tells stories of African Folklore. He has a well-earned reputation for elaborate, energetic and high paced storytelling. Looking for a warm, interactive storyteller? – Sola is hard to beat! 

Sola will start with traditional African drumming and rhythm before launching into interactive storytelling in which the children will get on their feet and start to add movement to traditional folk tales and sing to accompany the drum. They will learn to bring their story to life with African performance elements like dramatic narration, banter, chant, recitation, song, music and movement.

Sola’s approach with pupils uses a combination of creative communication techniques combined with mindfulness that encourages self-understanding and enables young people to confidently act as the authors of their own development.

Sola is a social artist and educator. His work draws on over 20 years of professional international experience in educational and training settings.

Dave Tong – History like you’ve never heard it before

Bring history to life in your classroom! Dave Tong tells stories that bring the Romans, Saxons and Tudors to life. His day in your school will focus in on your preferred period. Workshops enhance historical learning with enthralling stories, giving them context and deepening pupil engagement. Dave will set the scene wonderfully with costumes and props of the times - really taking pupils out of the classroom.

Dave’s stories explore themes including Kings and Queens, Medieval Monarchs and Monks, rich and poor, life in the town and the country to name just a few. Dave’s stories are complemented by a range of engaging games such as Medieval and Tudor dance. His emphasis is on humour, interaction and the inclusion of historical research. 

Dave has performed at major festivals and venues across the UK and works regularly for the British Museum, English Heritage and the National Trust. 

Cath Little - Fairy Tales & Myths

Cath will bring ancient stories to life with your pupils. Inspired by her Welsh homeland and her Irish heritage, Cath specialises in sharing Celtic Fairy Tales and ancient British Myths in the classroom. Her style is warm, sensitive and playful. She will teach your pupils to create their own fairy tales and myths to awaken their voice and imagination. She uses poetry in her work in schools to make children aware of the language and imagery of her stories and inspire them to make their own Word Pictures. Her workshops are embellished by singing and music where pupils will learn some traditional songs as part of the workshop.

Cath has performed at major Storytelling Festivals across the UK. She regularly tells stories for the National Museum for Wales and for Dadw. She is the author of Glamorgan Folk Tales for children.

Sita Brand – Chinese Storytelling

Bring the art and history of China alive with author & storyteller Sita Brand. Your pupils will be transported to China. Sita will set the mood with captivating Chinese folktales including from her highly commended story book, The Dragon’s Pearl. 

This day long workshop offers pupils the experience of handling Chinese artefacts, introduces them to Chinese Brush painting and as this is the Chinese year of the pig they will make cards to celebrate that they can take home. Sita will use her Chinese temple bell to introduce your pupils to mindful meditation, something they can continue in school long after the visit.

Sita is a highly acclaimed storyteller. She has been sharing stories in schools, theatres, libraries and festivals for over 30 years. Now she's writing them down. In 2018 she was Highly Commended by the FAB Faber prize for her story - The Dragon's Pearl a re-telling of an ancient Chinese legend.

Her book - The Dragon's Pearl is also available for sale. RRP is £6.99. These are available for £5.00 for students if bought at the time of the workshop. Number of copies required needs to be ordered in advance. Sita will be happy to sign copies.

Settle Stories Guarantee

Through the Settle Stories learning programme, we work with over 6,000 young people a year, sending highly acclaimed professional storytellers into schools.

‘100 % of schools we’ve worked with would recommend us’ – Feedback from school workshops across 2015-2018

We have been working in partnership with schools for over 5 years and pride ourselves in selecting the highest quality storytellers to send into schools. We only work with the best. That is our guarantee.

Our storytellers are versatile performers who can respond to your curricular needs. They can work closely with one class or start the day with a school assembly and work their way around the school. We always guarantee an authentic, interactive and engaging day in school.


There is a one off fee for storytellers. Settle Stories arranges all transport and accommodation costs.


For a chat about the work of the storytellers available, contact Charles Tyrer

Phone: 01729 822292