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Myth and Mindfulness Retreat

A Personal & Creative Development Retreat.

Thu, 3 September, 2020 to Sun, 6 September, 2020 | £275

*A Message From Settle Stories*

Due to the current pandemic, we are pausing all our retreat sales for the time being. We are currently hard at work trying to create a way of delivering our retreats to you. Please keep checking for updates.


Myth & Mindfulness.

A personal development retreat set in the gorgeous landscape of the Yorkshire Dales.

Where have you been? 

Where are you now? 

Where are you going? 

This September, explore the essence of yourself by examining your past, present and future. Experience tranquillity and surround yourself with limestone crags, glorious fields and like-minded people. This is your chance to step out of the everyday, to look at your life from an external perspective and to discover your infinite potential.

“She believed in dreams, all right, but she also believed in doing something about them.” – Walt Disney

Throughout this retreat we will use the context of the world’s most famous fairytale to guide us on a journey of recognition for our own self-worth. Cinderella has come to mean one whose attributes are unrecognised. Someone who, after a period of struggle and neglect, unexpectedly achieves recognition and success. 

Myth & Mindfulness is a retreat of reflection and enlightenment. You will explore how stories make you rich. You will utilize the tools, direction and message of this famous fairytale to analyse the larger and more difficult aspects of your life. 

Cinderella is strong and powerful. In every version of her story, she defeats evil and strives for goodness and truth. This magical tale dates back to Greek mythology. It is her hope, resilience and perseverance in the face of all adversity that keeps this powerful tale pertinent today. 

“When Prince Charming didn’t come along, she went over to the palace and got him.”  –Walt Disney

It is natural to feel stuck at the many different stages of our lives. Often, we lose our appreciation and compassion for ourselves and focus on our struggles and failures. By channelling the themes and journey of Cinderella, we will see our life from a broader perspective. We will focus on all that we have come through, all that we are at present, and our purpose for the future. 

This is a chance to… 

  • Reflect in a safe space on what has been 
  • Be at one with nature 
  • Navigate through the turning points in your life 
  • Thank yourself for all you have surpassed and achieved 
  • Give yourself a boost to make those next steps in the right direction


You will leave with… 

  • A clear mind focused on self-belief 
  • Mindfulness techniques to help you navigate life’s challenges 
  • A new-found appreciation for yourself 
  • A deep respect for the gift of nature 
  • A sense of your life’s path and where your ambition will lead you

You will explore your inner landscape through creative exercises, guided meditation, time spent in nature, story walks and mindfulness teaching. The peaceful surroundings will give you time away from the hurdles of everyday life. You will focus on your own well being. When we give ourselves focus, we begin to clear the fog in our mind and see our full potential. We will create mental space, remove self-doubt and progress as individuals. 

“This retreat has changed my mindset completely. It is good for the soul.” – Retreat attendee, 2019



The retreat is run by two very experienced mindfulness practitioners. 

Pete Armstrong is a poet and writer and a mindfulness practitioner. He uses contemplative awareness to guide participants through his retreats and writing courses. 

Contemplative awareness… 

  • Utilises a series of experiential exercises in awareness
  • Provides plenty of opportunities for sharing and reflecting
  • Draws on traditional ‘inner’ practices, including meditation and mindfulness
  • Incorporates insights from western psychology
  • Provides tools that people can take away and use in their life
  • Encourages a warm and curious attitude to all aspects of our being

Pete will guide you through the sessions and invite you to look inside yourself. Through instruction, meditation and advice, Pete will give you a deeper understanding of yourself. 

Sita Brand is a mindfulness practitioner, Buddhist Chaplain and professional storyteller. She is passionate about myths and folktales and what they can teach us in modern life. Sita teaches meditation in high security prisons across the UK and is the Founder & Artistic Director of Settle Stories. Her life is devoted to the Arts and the power of story. Sita offers participants guided meditation and calm creative instruction to lead them on a journey of self-discovery. She welcomes people of every background, and is able to create a safe space in which we can all think and reflect. 

Our fairytale setting: Lower Winskill Farm 

A working farm set amongst spectacular limestone scenery overlooking Ribblesdale in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Tom Lord farms to encourage wildlife and protect the historic landscape. Tom invites you into the farmhouse for this retreat. Every meal is vegetarian and cooked for you during the weekend. There is a refurbished barn offering indoor space with toilets and a place for making tea and coffee. There is also parking and space to camp outside. 

The magic and serenity of the farm is second to none. Here, you are surrounded by stunning natural beauty for as far as the eye can see. Immerse yourself in the grass and the fields. Enjoy the quiet and the exquisite restfulness. Lower Winskill is a place of calm that is both inspiring and peaceful.  

What can you expect? 

Expect to explore the beauty of your surroundings. On the first day you will get comfortable in your room or tent before joining other attendees that are here for the same journey.

The next day will focus on your own perseverance. Through creative exercises and mindfulness you will feel closer to your past experiences. You will appreciate the fairy Godmother who guided you through tough times (perhaps this was yourself), and you will explore a time of opportunity and great hope. 

The retreat will finish with exercises to put you in touch with your present self. You will gain a deeper understanding of where you are and where you want to be. Through a combination of all that you have explored in group sessions and downtime, you will finish feeling empowered and inspired by your own growth and potential. 


Date: 3rd – 6th September 2020.

Time: 2pm 


Meals: Vegetarian breakfast, dinner and tea are provided for everyone on the course.

Camping / Accommodation Options on Site: Free Camping (attendees to bring their own tent). Single Room in Farmhouse (SOLD OUT): £160, Twin Room in Farmhouse: £105. 

Price: £275 

What are you waiting for? 

Join us on this life-altering retreat this September. Discover how one ancient tale can guide us through our most treacherous times and lead us to triumph. Take your chance to be present in the now and to appreciate all that has been. Rediscover your dreams, hope and self-worth by exploring your inner-landscape. Be your own Fairy Godmother. 

Realise your potential. Find compassion for yourself. 

Let’s move forward. 

Book Now. 



Is the retreat religious? 

The retreat uses no religious practices or any particular religion as a focus. Meditation and mindfulness are common in certain religions, but religious theories will not be used during this retreat. 

Do I have to share my experiences? 

You get more from these sessions when you share your findings about yourself. However, there is no pressure to share during the group sessions. You may find that you become more comfortable sharing as the retreat progresses. 

Is there disabled access?

The farm is located down gravel paths surrounded by fields. As long as the weather isn’t unkind, the paths are safe to drive down for any cars. There will be story walks during the weekend, but a lot of the exercises will involve being still and appreciating nature. There is also a downstairs room in the farmhouse and a downstairs toilet.

The Details

Thu, 3 September, 2020

Price: Accommodation at the farmhouse is extra. It is +£105 (£380) when sharing a twin room. + £160 (£435) in the single room (SOLD OUT). There is free camping on site but you must bring a tent. There are only 5 spaces available in the farmhouse, contact 05603 845693 / when booking.

Duration: 4 days / 3 nights

Ages: 18 years +

Venue: Lower Winskill Farm

Artist(s): Sita Brand, Pete Armstrong

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