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FEAST Artists Networking

Fri, 17 April, 2020 - 7-9pm | FREE

Artists networking

PLEASE NOTE: FEAST IS CANCELLED FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE. Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, we cannot run FEAST until further notice. We hope to meet again very soon.

A series of dinners for artists of all disciplines. Poets, storytellers, writers, musicians, painters, crafters, photographers, filmmakers you are invited to join us for dinner.

Nourish your body and mind. FEAST will stimulate you with different conversations with artists you don’t know. You will develop your own creative thinking towards your own artistic practice.

FEAST is the place to network and meet other artists in different fields, a creative space to come up with collaborations and think in new ways about your own work.

FREE to take part. Just turn up with a veggie-friendly dish to share with other artists.



The next FEAST will be Fri 17th April 2020. We will be announcing seed funding for FEAST members in partnership with Craven District Council. Find out more here. 

Dates for 2020:

Fri 17th April
Fri 12th June
Fri 21st Aug
Fri 9th Oct


From 7-9pm at Settle Stories venue, The Joinery

Full address:

Settle Stories, The Joinery

Dawsons Court, Market Place,

Settle, North Yorkshire, BD24 9ED


To ensure FEAST is a space for professional artists from all disciplines. There are a limited number of places for each artistic discipline.

Please fill in a brief form, CLICK HERE and we will be in touch to confirm if there are spaces for artists of your discipline available.

The Details

Fri, 17 April, 2020

Time: 7-9pm

Duration: 2 hours

Ages: 16+

Venue: The Joinery

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