Up for a Laugh! Q & A with Steff Todd

Mon, July 8, 2019 by Albert

On Saturday 13th July 2019 local lass Steff Todd returned to her hometown Settle to preview her Edinburgh Fringe show: Reality Check. Audiences can expect to belly laugh at Steff’s stand-up comedy and spot-on impressions.

We caught up with Steff for a quick chat ahead of this Saturday’s show.

You grew up in Settle and now you’re returning with your show. How does being a Yorkshire lass inform your comedy?

I’ve grown up in Settle since I was 10 and I’m super proud of being from the Yorkshire Dales. I talk about it loads on stage.

Do you still feel a strong connection with Settle and with Yorkshire?

Definitely, I live in London now but I try come up and see my family as much as I can.

When did you start stand-up and impressions?

I’ve been performing on the comedy circuit for 3 years, a little while before that I started uploading impression videos online. I finally got the bottle to do it live!

As a comedian, do you consider yourself a storyteller?

Nah, I started out doing one-liners. I’ve slowly developed into a more conversational style but the show is very gag-packed!

You were named one of the 8 most exciting debuts at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe! Tell us a bit about your fringe show.

I was buzzing about being on that list! (thank you I Talk Telly!) My debut hour is described as hilarious stand-up, razor-sharp one-liners and amazing celebrity impressions. So excited!

What can audience members expect coming to Reality Check at The Joinery?

Loads of impressions and jokes. Lets have a good laugh!

And finally, who is your favourite islander this year?!

Ah I’m totally hooked on this years Love Island! I like Amber, Maura and Anton! I can’t choose between…

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