The 3 Little Pigs – family fun activities this Summer

Fri, July 26, 2019 by Albert

We all look forward to the heady, and hopefully sunny, days of school holidays! Hooray, for children, but sometimes a stress for parents to come up with new ideas to keep young minds entertained. Well, stress no longer, combining a well-known children’s story with an outdoor activity, Settle Stories will bring you a weekly idea during the school holidays to inspire and ignite young minds fusing stories alongside Mother Nature.

The Story

Many of us will have fond memories from our childhoods joining in enthusiastically with huffing and puffing and shouting at the top of our voices “Not by the hairs of your chiny chin chin” as we became immersed in the charming fable of “The Three Little Pigs”.

Printed versions of the story date back to the 1840’s, but the story itself is thought to be much older, with various adaptations stemming from the original.

The over riding moral of the fable is that hard work and determination pay off. The 1st little pig took the least amount of time making his home with straw, then going off to play. The 2nd little pig took slightly longer using sticks but also could not wait to go off to play. The 3rd little pig decided to make his home from stones, an arduous task that took him a great deal of time and effort.

When the big bad wolf calls at their homes, the 3rd little pig’s home is the only one that withstands the wolf’s huffing and puffing, proving a little more effort really does pay off in the long run!

The Activity

Go outside and re-create the 3 little pigs houses using whatever you can find, either in your garden or from a walk or from beach combing. If you have no straw, get creative and use grass or even seaweed as an alternative. Ask a grown up to post a picture of your creations on Settle Stories facebook page. At the end of the Summer we’ll be looking at all the contributions on our facebook page. Our favourite one will win a free forest school storytelling session in Settle at a mutually agreed time with Jane Corbett. Tell all your friends about the competition and get them to join in the fun too. The more the merrier.

Good Luck from us all at Settle Stories and we can’t wait to see what you make.

Written by volunteer writer Jane Corbett

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