Technical Genius

Technical wizard?

About the opportunity

We need people who understand sound & lighting equipment, editing tools, and who can help us when we’re fighting with computers. We are constantly collecting stories during our projects so always need someone at hand who can understand the recording equipment we need to use.

What are we looking for?

As a project based organisation are needs are often changing depending on the project. For example we have recently needed technical support with purchasing and installing 30 tablets for a visual arts exhibition. We have recently begun to create podcasts. We have constantly changing exhibitions in the Listening Gallery and we need support, advice and expert time to enable us to deliver the best work.

We are unable to offer training in this role. We are looking for a person with expertise that they can pass onto our team.

Practical Considerations

  • A face to face meeting would be required before taking up the post.
  • Commitment and hours – open for discussion.
  • Meetings generally take place at our venue, The Joinery, Settle.
  • Settle Stories are happy to support your expenses.

For more info about this opportunity, and for specific information on how you could lend us your technical expertise on current projects, please contact us.

For more info about this opportunity, contact us

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