Telling a Story through Dance

Shrikant Subraminam will introduce you to the ancient classical Indian dance Bharatanatyam. In this insightful talk and demonstration he will explain how hand gestures, rhythmic movement and precise expressions may be used to tell stories, and how we has drawn on other artforms to create story through dance for contemporary audiences.

This artform, dating from the 7th century, was first practiced only by royalty and the upper classes. During colonial times it was used as a tool to educate people about their rights and a fight for freedom. The British administration in India even banned the artform during India's fight for independence. Today, Bharatanatyam is practiced all over the world and is one of the most popular Indian dance forms. Known for its grace and elegance it combines hand gestures and rhythmic movement.

There will be time for a Q & A after the event.


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Sunday, 8 April 2018 - 12:00pm
1 hour
Events 2018
Festival 2018
Wheelchair Access