Stories for the Silver Tree

Over the mountains and under the sky, searching for story and song . . . 

Bran’s lust for life lands her in hot water as often as it sets her free on her path of self-discovery. She longs for a place, a people and an elusive tree…

As you journey with Bran, you are asked to consider how the decisions you make can simultaneously constrain you and set you free, and the impossible choices that can never quite be reversed once they are made. 

A fresh and contemporary show that combines spoken word, story, original music and soundscape, Stories for the Silver Tree offers us a new perspective on the role of women in ancient narratives, as well as the role of the audience in the performance event. Written, created and performed by storyteller Tamar Eluned Williams and performer-musician Darius Nash, the show traverses enchanted forests, cities, and deserted highways, interweaving old and new narratives as it goes.

Combining song, story, and sawing, Stories for the Silver Tree is a smorgasbord of landscapes, soundscapes, and ancient stories: though not as you’ve heard them before.

A fresh and innovative storytelling performance - Reviews Hub

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Saturday, 7 April 2018 - 3:30pm
1 hour
Events 2018
Festival 2018
Wheelchair Access