Robin Hood

Calling all merry boys and girls young and old of Long Preston, come hearken to stories of wolves' heads  and outlaws that were Robin Hood and his bold brave band.

Be transported from Long Preston Village Hall to the legendary Sherwood forest of 800 years ago. Under the Major Oak, Robin Hood awaits you into his merry band of outlaws with Little John, WIll Scarlet and Much the Miller's Son. Be prepared to laugh out loud at his terrific tales.

The Yarnsmith is Robin’s own storyteller, he will begin to tell many a merry gest - comic tales telling of how Robin was bested by Friar Tuck and how he dealt with a greedy Abbot and the cruel and heartless Sheriff. Discover how brave Robin found friendship with a knight, Sir Richard of the Lea and fought a long, hard, bitter battle with a dark and terrible stranger in the greenwood- a stranger called Guy of Gisborne.

Cheer loudly as Robin competes for a silver arrow and proves himself the best bowman in the land and sit quietly as the Yarnsmith tells of the death of Robin Hood, but how his spirit lives on in his guests and tales still being told to this day.

Suitable for all ages. This is a family event for the villagers of Long Preston and beyond.

This event is funded by Long Preston Parish Council. Tickets are heavily subsedised thanks to this support.

Saturday, 9 March 2019 - 2:30pm
1 hour
All ages
Events 2019


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