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Over the years, we’ve interviewed dozens of the storytellers we’ve worked with.

“I am on a journey of planning and hoping to be the first pioneer to open a speech and drama school in Kenya. I need to leave a legacy in performing arts, Kenya has a lot to offer, but we have no foundation, and my aim is to create that foundation.” – Githanda Githae, Kenyan Storyteller

The storytellers we work with are some of the most interesting people we know. Below is a list of some storytellers we’ve interviewed. See the most recent interviews via our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Alia Alzougbi – Alia is a Lebanese storyteller based in London who performed at our festival in 2010.

Adrian Beckingham – a professional storyteller for 20 years, combines storytelling with art forms such as music, dance, visual arts, exhibitions and survival skills.

Chris Bostock – Chris has worked as a professional Storyteller for 22 years. He is a founder member of A Bit Crack – Storytelling, based in the Newcastle upon Tyne.

Jamie Crawford“I started telling by accident. It started with a request. I began stumbling my way through a poorly remembered Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Twenty minutes later and long after the bell had gone, Gawain came home to Camelot and everyone was still listening.”

Shonaleigh Cumbers – Shonaleigh is one of the last drut’sylas to have been trained in the traditional family style.

Gitathanda Githae – For over 10 years Githanda has worked as a professional storyteller in the UK and in Kenya where he is the Creative Manager at Zamaleo ACT – a performing arts & culture organisation.

Karen Gummo – Her Danish and Icelandic heritage connects her to Northern myths and folklore.

Nick Hennessey – Nick Hennessy is an English storyteller and musician.

Ursula Holden-Gill – an award-winning professional storyteller, singer, musician, dancer and actress, who has appeared on British television.

Priscilla Howe – She has been calling herself a storyteller since 1988, when she was a librarian in Connecticut. In 1993 she moved to Kansas to be a full-time storyteller.

Usifu Jalloh – The Cowfoot Prince! who has designed a unique platform for African storytelling, dance and music in his show: ‘Africa’s Cowfoot!!! The Magic of Storytelling.’

Dominic Kelly – Dominic performed at international festivals and other venues, including London West End theatres, and his work in schools has inspired thousands of young people to gain confidence in themselves, and as storytellers.

Ana Lines – Her repertoire is wide: from folk tales and myths from Brazil, to stories from around the world, using love and relationships as central theme.

Hugh Lupton – Street theatre, folk music, writing, teaching, all came together to make me a storyteller in the late seventies.

Fergus McNicol – Fergus comes from Cumbernauld near Glasgow and spent a few years growing up in Jedburgh too.

Mara Menzies – “As the story progresses, Mara becomes more animated, and uses hand gestures to emphasise points. She builds variety into her delivery by changing position, by for example imitating walking.”

Mio Shapley“I was born in Japan in the beautiful mountain area where there were lots of dragonflies and butterflies.”

Sophie Snell – Sophie Snell is a member of the Flying Donkeys Storytelling Club. Growing up surrounded by books and stories, Sophie has always known the power of story.

Ian Stephen – Ian Stephen was born, and still lives, in Stornoway, on the Isle of Lewis, in the Outer Hebrides. Ian has gained distinction for his poetry, short fiction, plays, and storytelling.

Taffy Thomas“I grew up in Somerset. Then went to college in Dudley. After a short teaching career and then a long performing career in folk arts, street theatre, fishing and storytelling.”

TUUP – Godfrey Duncan. I am from Guyana in South America but grew up in England. TUUP, short for The Unprecedented Unorthodox Preacher came to me in a dream.

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