Rapunzel – Become a Hairdresser for Nature!

Wed, August 28, 2019 by Albert

Family fun activity for the Summer Hols!

Derived from the German fairy tale by Fredrich Schulz, it was The infamous Grimm Brothers adaption that put Rapunzel firmly on the map in 1812.

It tells the tale of a pregnant lady who craves the herb Rapunzel and sends her husband out to gather some. He is caught trespassing in the evil Dame Gothel’s walled garden who allows as much Rapunzel to be gathered in exchange for their baby. The man, afraid of being accused of theft, reluctantly agrees and flees.

At the age of 12, Rapunzel is locked up by Dame Gothel in a stair-less tower with only a window that she stares out of. The only way to gain access to the tower is by shouting,

Rapunzel!, Rapunzel!
Let down your hair!
So that I may climb thy golden stair!

Rapunzel then lowers her long, golden hair plait down to the ground for the Dame to climb up. One day a Prince discovers her and he climbs up her plait and they fall in love and plan an escape. However, Dame Gothel has other plans and upon discovering the liaison she waits with Rapunzel in the tower for the Prince to come. As he climbs up her hair she severs the plait in a jealous rage and he falls in to a thorn bush and is blinded. Years later, he hears her singing and they are reunited and as she cries, her tears, thankfully, restore his sight.

Amazing Rapunzel Fact

Rapunzel is the old nickname for the herb which has edible leaves like lettuce and its roots taste similar similar to a radish or little turnip. We refer to it more as Rampion.

Activity: make a Grass Rapunzel

This is a simple way to create your very own Rapunzel with real growing hair.

Put a handful of grass seed in to the toe of an old tight and place 3 or 4 large handfuls of compost or soil on top of it. Now tie a knot in the tight to stop all the soil falling out when you turn it upside down.

Now you should have a round compost ball, keeping the grass seed to the top and the knot to the bottom you should pull and tease out a little nose and 2 ears securing them with an elastic band. Glue 2 eyes on top of the nose and Rapunzel will be staring back at you.

Keep her somewhere light and start watering the top of her head immediately and within days her hair will start to grow. You can cut it as long as you continue to water it, it will continue to grow.

Please Post your Rapunzel made from nature on our Settle Stories Facebook page. We look forward seeing all your amazing creations soon. At the end of the Summer we’ll be looking at contributions from all the family activities (found on our blog) on our Facebook page. Our favourite one will win a free forest school storytelling session in Settle at a mutually agreed time with Jane Corbett. Tell all your friends about the competition and get them to join in the fun too. The more the merrier.

Good Luck from us all at Settle Stories and we can’t wait to see what you make.

Written by volunteer writer Jane Corbett

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