Lile Bobby

Who is that lile fat dumpy lad,

Who just can call his mam an’ dad

An’ kicks his legs an’ craws like mad ?

Lile Bobby


Who is it sits upon the mat,

An’ wi’ his hand, sa plump an’ fat,

Poos t’ tail of our owd Thomas cat ?

Lile Bobby 


Who is it laughs at Fred and Jenny,

When they are rather rough an’ dinny,

An’ slavers on his bib an’ pinny ?

Lile Bobby 


Who nearly loups out of his skin,

When t’ barns fra school come runnin’ in,

An’ poos his daddy’s nooas an’ chin ?

Lile Bobby 


Who is it that can screeam and rooar,

Or if he likes can laugh like stoor,

An’ sometimes maks girt dubs on t’ floor ?

Lile Bobby 


Who is it sometimes starts a weepin’,

As if some trouble he was deep in,

At neet when fooaks sud au be sleepin’ ?

Lile Bobby 


But who oft rises in a mornin’,

As if au grief an’ trouble scornin’,

Wi’ smiles his bonny faace adornin’ ?

Lile Bobby


Who is it that’s as sweet as honey –

That laughin’ lad sa fat an’ funny,

That can’t be bowt wi’ all t’ queen’s money ?

Lile Bobby