Physical approach to storytelling in schools

Dominic Kelly – a physical approach to creating stories for KS1&2

Workshops available in the North of England

 ‘A master storyteller’ - BBC Radio

Dominic has helped thousands of children find their narrative voice through workshops across three continents. He is an award winning storyteller and a qualified teacher.

Dominic will teach you pupils to become story creators. He pares down a story to its skeleton and helps them look at plot, scene and characters with a unique approach.

Dominic will get your  pupils embodying the world of their story through a range of physical exercises. He transforms their approach to one that gets them thinking about every scene with vivid detail. This physical approach helps them explore their entire story world.  Dominic's methods will stay with both staff and pupils long after he’s left the classroom. He will equip your students with a toolkit that they can use to tell stories with no need for scripts or learning lines. This process encourages pupils to find their storytelling voice and give them performance tools that are right for them.

Workshops support the curriculum in English & Drama.

These workshops will improve:

Spoken English

Speaking & listening 

Language & vocabulary

Communication skills


Learning & thinking skills                                   

Storytelling creates

Confident individuals

Effective contributors

Successful learners

Settle Stories Guarantee

Through the Settle Stories learning programme, we work with over 6,000 young people a year, sending highly acclaimed professional storytellers into schools.

100 % of schools we’ve worked with would recommend us – Feedback from school workshops across 2015-2018

We have been working in partnership with schools for over 8 years and pride ourselves in selecting the highest quality storytellers so you don’t have to.


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