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Settle Stories

The home of adventurous storytelling

Our mission is to collaborate with exceptional artists to create transformative experiences for people and communities.

Narrative is at the heart of everything we do.

We collaborate with artists and communities to create transformative experiences that ignite curiosity and reimagine storytelling. We learn from the traditional myths and folktales of our past so we can tell the current, political stories of today.

People visit us in the Dales to step out of the everyday. Our retreats offer creative clarity in a hectic world. Our flagship festival, year-round events and workshops bring international artists to Settle and platforms new, exciting and meaningful art in a rural setting.

We push the boundaries of storytelling. We harness the intimacy of oral storytelling and experiment digitally to reach people of all ages and communities across the world.  We use film, animation, textiles, writing, music, visual arts and more.

Narrative is the glue that holds this charity together.

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*A MESSAGE FROM SETTLE STORIES – Connections & Kindness in Crisis*

The world seems to have spun on its head, doesn’t it? We have all found ourselves in unfamiliar territory. We want to start by sending our love to each and every one of you.

Storytelling is an ancient oral art-form that brings people across the world together. At this time of social distancing and isolation, it is essential that we share stories that unite and inspire us.

Changes & Plans Ahead:

  • For now, The Joinery is closed and all events that were taking place there are cancelled. For once, please don’t visit us. Our venue, our office, and our dusty storeroom are shut until further notice.
  • Yorkshire Festival of Story has been re imagined and will take place online across August. We are asking audiences to donate where they can to ensue the future of Settle Stories and the Festival. See the full programme.
  • FEAST our artists networking programme is now taking place online.
  • Settle Writer’s Group and The Writers Way are now taking place online.
  • There is still so much to get involved in! For locals here in Settle, we have created Secret Story Packs that we are sending out for both young and old via the Settle Community Covid Response Team so everyone can keep flexing those creative muscles. For our friends further afield take a look at: Podcasts, Down the Rabbit Hole, Children’s Story Competition, and Dial a Story.


Stay creative, stay connected, and stay strong. Undoubtedly, this is a fearful time. We hope you can look to one another to find support through the uncertainty. Remember, you can always look to stories. Tell each other folktales, fairy tales, anecdotes, and classic tall tales to remedy the loneliness of the situation we all find ourselves in. In uncertain times such as these, we believe that access to the arts is of huge importance.

We are experimenting with new ways we can deliver some Settle Stories sunshine and we hope you will continue to follow us on this challenging new journey.

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