Tom wrote about everyday happenings.  In this poem he wrote about the weather.

Letter to Robert Hill

An’ as for us at Winskill here,

Though oft exposed to storms severe, 

Yet still we au keep wick

Tom writes here about the storms and bad winters. Tom was not exaggerating about the harsh winters.  In the winter of 1886 the district was icebound for 16 weeks. Boys from local schools started to build a snow castle. The structure consisted of 3 large rooms. It cost 6d for refreshments and took sixty children at a time.

Many like Tom would not have had chance to travel across any seas, but they were conscious of how dangerous those seas could be.  Members of the local community in Settle saved money to buy several lifeboats.  They celebrated one such boat in the Market Place in 1875. According to RNLI magazine of 1875, the boat arrived on 26 May the previous year. “Drawn on its carriage from the railway station to the Market Place at Settle in procession.  It was named Ellen and Margaret of Settle and was launched at Hornsea on 29 May. 

Tom referred to a secret desire to travel in his poem "Captain and Mrs H-". Many of his family travelled abroad, some settling in New Zealand.

His poems on the community and the activities and fun they shared are some of the most entertaining poems.  For instance Tom wrote about "The Picnic" which describes how a group of young people walked from Settle over to Gordale Scar to enjoy a picnic.  Kettles and crockery were carried as well as food so it must have been hard work to walk the 6 miles!