The building of the Settle Carlisle railway changed life in the Craven area for ever. The line carried goods from 1875 and passengers the following year.  This changed life for all farmers in the area, too. Goods could now be transported across the country. During the building of the railway there were shanty towns of 2000 people living near Ribblehead Viaduct, close to Settle. Workers came from over all the country.  One of them was J G Owen, a 19 year old man from Wales who was killed when a crane fell on him. Tom must have been deeply moved by this as he wrote a poem about the accident and death. John G Owen was buried at Settle Parish Church and Tom wrote "On the Death of John Griffith Owen" in memory of him.  It is one of the few poems Tom wrote which was not in dialect, reflecting the seriousness of the topic.