Maths Workshops

Do you have pupils who don’t engage with maths in school? Here at arts charity Settle Stories we know that these subjects can often be challenging for the creative learner. Over the last 9 years we’ve worked with countless schools who have identified Maths as being key areas that need support.

This year we are delighted to launch award winning storyteller Ira Lightman into schools across the north to creatively teach maths. He will not only support the curriculum but also ignite a love for the subject in every pupil.

“It was a very exciting and interactive experience and way of learning - I definitely wouldn’t swap it for anything”  Year 6 Pupil

Workshops support these curriculum areas:


Storytelling improves:

Literacy & creative writing
Spoken English
Speaking & listening
Language & vocabulary       
Communication skills   
Cultural understanding                  
Learning & thinking skills  

Storytelling creates:

Confident individuals
Effective contributors
Successful learners

Ira Lightman – Maths storyteller - Available 24th - 28th June

Ira is on a mission to make maths come alive for every student. 

Using a vast repertoire of stories about how other cultures count he'll show pupils how proportions, measures and fractions are used in everything we do. By involving the pupils in physicalising mathematical concepts and weaving them into story he brings even the most complex mathematical ideas to life.

Ira uses props, teaches acting techniques, and includes movement and music. He encourages large groups to act stories out and uses different narrators to help sew the stories together. This highly creative way of learning maths allows pupils to develop their understanding and interest in the subject, leaving them with a new memorable way of thinking.

Ira has written and performed shows on Radio 4 about poetry and economics, appears regularly on BBC Radio 3's The Verb, Lecturers in Creative Writing at the University of Northumbria.


Settle Stories Guarantee

Through the Settle Stories learning programme, we work with over 6,000 young people a year, sending highly acclaimed professional storytellers into schools.

‘The children completely engaged in all the stories and activities' –  Feedback from previous work in 2019

100% of the schools we’ve worked with from 2015 - 2019 would recommend us

‘The children loved the interaction with the storyteller, all aspects were great!’ - Feedback from World Book Day 2019

Our storytellers are versatile performers who can respond to your curricular needs. They can work closely with one class or start the day with a school assembly and work their way around the school.

We have chosen to work with these storytellers after undergoing a rigorous assessment process. We only work with the best. That is our guarantee.


For an informal chat about the work of the storytellers available, contact Jessica Harris

Phone: 01729 822292