Karvan (Sun)

Take time out by visiting KARVAN, a 16ft artistically renovated caravan in which you are invited to travel around the world through fiction and poetry.

The KARVAN takes its name from the Persian - kārvān - and just as the caravanserai of the old trade routes would travel, so does this 21st century KARVAN - albeit much shorter distances! The journeys that people make in the KARVAN can transport them to locations they have never had the occasion to explore, it can encourage them to read and furthermore, it can encourage them to read outside of their usual fiction worlds. Welcome into a world of many literary adventures where boundaries melt into lands of the spoken word, where islands rise out of the sea of song and mountains reach up towards lyrical blue skies.

All you need to pack is a desire to travel off the beaten track and a compass which never settles in a single direction.

There's no need to book Karvan, just turn up on the day and pay what you feel the experience was worth. 

Images courtesy of Karvan worldits.com

Click the image below to view a short video of Karvan

Karvan will also be in the Market Place on Saturday, alongside other showstoppers like The Whale.



Sunday, 8 April 2018 - 10:00am
until 4pm
Events 2018
Festival 2018