Spinning a Yarn by The River


Fresh from her preparations of a brand new show, we caught up with storyteller and puppeteer Fiona Angwin aka The Yarn Spinner, to chat about her returning apperance to Settle at the eagerly anticipated - Tales By The Ribble – Family Fun Day.

Q: In 2017 you took part in Settles’ - Festival of Happiness. This year you will be performing at The Tales by The Ribble - Family Fun Day, what are you most looking forward to about the weekend?

I'm looking forward to spending more time out in the beautiful countryside around Settle, and to meet the audiences....they were lovely when I performed at the Festival of Happiness.

Q: What can visitors expect to see from your performance?

As it's Tales by The Ribble this time I'll be concentrating on Water Tales....with a few other wildlife stories thrown in.

Q: What is it about live performances that are the most challenging and rewarding?

Sometimes the weather makes things challenging during outdoor shows....it certainly did during the story walk I did at the Festival of Happiness...we got drenched.  Audiences are different every time, and that tends to add variety to which tales I tell, and sometimes how I tell them!

Q: You are a storyteller and puppeteer, how do you combine the two in your performances?

As I love visuals I enjoy using puppets to create the stories, as they act out different parts, use character voices etc. Also they help younger audience members to stay focused as I use different puppets for different stories....though there are some tales I just tell simply.

Q: Where do you get the inspiration for your performances/stories?

I read stories from all around the world, so either I find a story I love and work out a way to tell it in my own style, or sometimes I start with a puppet and look for a story to work it into.

Q: What attracted you to want to perform at this particular event?

I enjoy outdoor events and like taking stories to people....wherever they are. This event combines the two, so is perfect for this.

Q: Do you think this type of event helps to engage with families in particular?

I think an event beside the river should draw people in, especially if the weather is lovely.....and because my work is visual it usually appeals to a wide range of audiences. I am very much looking forward to being back in Settle with some new stories and puppet friends.

And we here at Settle Stories, are all very much looking forward to welcoming Fiona back. Tales by the Ribble is a FREE family fun day with storytelling, crafts, story walks and more. The event is a partnership between Settle Stories and the Ribble Rivers Trust. Some events need pre booking despite being free. For more info and booking click here.

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Written by volunteer writer Elizabeth Snell