Interactive Fiction

Smartphones are now our constant companions, influencing how we interact with the world and with each other.

In this talk, Alastair Horne will explore how these devices might be changing not only how we talk about stories - through social media and the web - but even the sort of stories we can tell.

What if the ghost story you're reading on your mobile phone knows not only where you are, through its GPS, but also monitors your heartbeat through the fitness device you're wearing on your wrist? What if it can interact with your smart home to turn the heating down as you read, so you that you slowly start to feel a chill, and then flashes the lights on and off at just the moment when your heartbeat reaches a certain level?

Alastair Horne worked in digital publishing for more than a decade and is now a doctoral student based at Bath Spa University and the British Library.

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Saturday, 7 April 2018 - 3:30pm
1 hour
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Festival 2018
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