Fundraising Ideas

Get inspired to fundraise for Settle Stories with our amazing ideas. You can help build understanding between communities and save Yorkshire stories by taking on a challenge, auctioning your unwanted stuff or using your talents. Here are some fun ideas that will also raise money for Settle Stories.

We would love to hear about your fundraising activities. Before your event let us know so we can help promote it through our social medial. Take photos of what you do and send them into us at so we can celebrate your success by sharing them on our website.

Arts and crafts fair
Put your creative talents into action and sell your works of art at a craft fair.

Story of Stuff
Donate your old stuff for our Ebay Auction.

Art exhibition
Instead of selling your art, charge your friends and family to look at it!

Bring and buy sale
Sell donated goods on a stall. Cakes, books, home-made jam, bric-a-brac and fairtrade goods are firm favourites.

A sponsored walk or bike ride
Why not organise a walk or bike ride and turn it into a sponsored event?

Organise a bingo event – devise your own calls for the numbers. Charge a fee per game.

Bake sales
Cake and pie sales are a great way to raise money.

Silver for Settle Stories
Collect all those pennies and small change that weighs down your pockets. Small change can make a big difference.

Greeting cards
Design your own Christmas and Birthday cards to sell to your friends and family or use. Remember to donate the funds you save!

Put those empty jam jars to good use and turn small change into a big difference.

Car wash
Charge your friends and family to wash their cars.

Give up something
Give up sweets or chocolate for a day, a week or a month and give the cash you saved to Settle Stories.

Film night
Create your own cinema and hold a film night for family and friends. Sell popcorn and drinks and charge an entry fee. Theme the night on your favourite type of film!

Guess the weight of… (cake, teddy)
Quiz your friends on the weight of the cake – 50p a guess.

Jumble sales
Reduce, reuse and recycle – the perfect opportunity to hold a jumble sale. Can you turn your trash to cash?

Impress your friends with your singing ability – try out your favourite tunes. Pay per tune.

Magic show
Put your magical talents to good use and organise a show for all your friends. Remember to have an entry fee.

Plant sale
For those with green fingers, sell your produce in a plant sale.

Story night
Organise a story sharing session. Invite your friends and family. Charge people to tell a story and more for people just to listen!

Get friends and family or local businesses to donate prizes and raffle them off, or sell tickets for the Settle Stories raffle

How many books can you read over a short period of time? Get sponsored per page or, for fast readers, per book.

Treasure Hunt
Create a treasure hunt and challenge your friends to find what you have hidden. Pay to play.

Teddy bears’ picnic
Organise a teddy bears’ picnic and invite friends and family to attend in return for a donation.