Friends, Visitors, Countrymen, Bend me an Ear

Thu, June 27, 2019 by Sita

Step into The Listening Gallery in Settle where audio exhibition The Sympathetic Ear awaits your troubles. The Listening Gallery is the worlds first audio gallery […]

Interview with Francis Lee – God’s Own Country Director

by Sita

On Sunday 31st March at 2pm we are screening God’s Own Country – Francis Lee’s first feature film as part of our Lazy Sunday Afternoon […]

How a Turning Point in life can change your story

by Sita

Sometimes on our journey through life, events happen that can drastically change the path that we are on. But these events don’t always have to […]

Settle Stories: 2018 Story

by Sita

As we begin to pack up our desks for the festive break we have been reflecting on another fantastic year here at Settle Stories and […]

The Arts can change lives

by Sita

Hi, I’m Margaret a trustee at Settle Stories. I am 80 years old.  With this in mind, I wanted to talk to you about how […]

Will Myths & Legends stand the test of time?

by Sita

Are Myths and Legends becoming just that, or do they still continue to capture children’s imaginations? There are many different ways to tell stories and […]

Review: I Don’t Know What I’m Supposed To Be Doing

by Sita

I Don’t Know What I’m Supposed To Be Doing: Emma Decent SETTLE STORIES: 12.10.18 Reviewed by Gill O’Donnell Although initially inspired by the phrase regularly […]

Review: Edge of Obedience

by Sita

EDGE OF OBEDIENCE  SETTLE STORIES: 20/9/18 Reviewed by Gill O’Donnell One of the most important functions of Settle Stories as an organisation is to bring stories […]

Review: Soldiers of the Empire

by Sita

ANNAPURNA INDIAN DANCE COMPANY: SOLDIERS OF THE EMPIRE SETTLE STORIES: 14/7/18  Reviewed by Gill O’Donnell Living in the rural Yorkshire Dales there is a danger […]

The past – shaping our futures

by Sita

Here at Settle Stories we believe local history matters. It helps us understand who we are, where we come from and who we want to […]

A Menu With a Difference

Tue, October 22, 2019 by Albert

A Month in the life of …

Mon, October 21, 2019 by Albert

An Office Job

Tue, September 17, 2019 by Albert

Returning Home – review

Tue, September 10, 2019 by Albert

Rapunzel – Become a Hairdresser for Nature!

Wed, August 28, 2019 by Albert

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