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Settle stories is for the curious

Our mission is to change your world through story. Narrative is at the heart of everything we do.

We are an ambitious arts charity who have been telling stories since 2010.

We work with artists. We work with communities. We work with audiences. Together we create great art. We learn from the traditional myths and folktales of our past so we can tell the current, political stories of today.

We are rural. We are changemakers. People visit us in the Dales to step out of the everyday. Our retreats offer creative clarity in a hectic world. Our flagship festival brings international artists to Settle and platforms new, exciting and meaningful art in a rural setting.

We run year round events, workshops and retreats that encourage every individuals curiosity. We push the boundaries of storytelling. We cherish the intimacy of oral storytelling and experiment digitally to tell stories to people across the world. We use film, animation, textiles, writing, music, visual arts and more.

We are open and inclusive. We use mindfulness to help everyone realise their creative potential. We strive to reach all ages and communities with our work.

Narrative is the glue that holds this charity together. We believe story can change your life.

Join us on a quest to rediscover your curiosity.

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Who's Who

Find out all about those behind Settle Stories

Young Peoples' Action Group

At Settle Stories we take the views of young people seriously and are keen for them to help shape and influence our programme of work.


The artists we have worked with


We’re currently recruiting Trustees and for storytellers.

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