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'Trust thou my constancy' - Charlotte Brontë, a Passion Re-imagined

Charlotte Brontë  is thought to have said - “I'm just going to write because I cannot help it”, and the attribution may not be apocryphal: she was impulsive, governed by an extraordinary muse, and powerfully driven to express the kinds of opinions and sentiments which were generally denied to those of her class and gender.

Starlight Review

Can you catch starlight? Well Little Possum certainly could. This brilliant performance – Starlight, performed at Victoria Hall in Settle for Settle Stories (on December the 17th 2016)- had every child laughing, excited and delighted: it was enjoyed by all. Here is a review from on of your Young Reviewers - Anya.

'...Only When I Laugh !'

I remember, many years ago, a friend of mine fulfilling the requirements of a Master's degree course with a dissertation on the 'Concept of Fun', and thinking at the time that her choice stretched the bounds of credulity. How wrong was  I ?

What makes historical fiction so popular?

Writers such as Philippa Gregory, Bernard Cornwell, C J Sansom and Hilary Mantel are responsible for writing some of the UK’s best historical fiction, a genre which in recent years has grown in popularity. Their books take historical characters, events and places but use fictionalised central characters to help flesh out the storyline.

Restoring our Local Stories

Since we first started out, promotion of the Arts in the wider community has been at the very heart of Settle Stories own 'story'. Which is why our recent award of £49,900 of Heritage Lottery Funding will make such a fantastic difference to the way in which we can restore local stories, local (hi)stories, to the forefront of our imaginations where they have always belonged.

How Reading can Tackle your January Blues

January – even sometimes the word can make one feel low in spirits; it’s cold, dark, Christmas festivities are a distant memory and we usually don’t have a holiday to look forward to for at least a few weeks or months. But here at Settle Stories we have the perfect remedy for your January Blues . . . reading.

'A Tyrant Spell'

The Brontës - An Evening of Words & Music

Review: Winter Stories

Winter Stories at the Falcon Manor, Settle, 20/12/2016. Settle Stories Autumn / Winter Events Season Reviewed by Gill O'Donnell for The Craven Herald and Pioneer

Your Story - Your Voice

The art of storytelling does not have to begin and end with a narrative, though a gifted writer may seduce a reader in absentia, in the silence of an armchair maybe, or by torchlight beneath the duvet of a winter's evening. J K Rowling does not need to be present to draw countless children and plenty of adults, into her web of fantasy.

Craven dialect brought back to life with Heritage Lottery Fund support

It's good news from us here at Settle Stories. We've been  awarded £49,900 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) Young Roots Programme.


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