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Review: Ventoux

  Ventoux at the Richard Whiteley Theatre, 21/04/2016. Settle Stories Spring Events Season. Reviewed by Gill O'Donnell for the Craven Herald and Pioneer.

The death of meaningful communication

If recent developments in neuroscience are credible - and the evidence seems intuitively persuasive even without research - stories, or more properly the imaginative journey that stories initiate, are of colossal importance to our wellbeing, confirming what we, and Philip Pullman, suspected all along, that - 'after nourishment, shelter and companionship, storie

Poetry Competition

We've partnered up with our local secondary school, Settle College and lauched a new poetry competition.  

Review: Bed Among the Lentils

Bed Among the Lentils at the Royal Oak Settle, 31/03/2017. Settle Stories Spring  Events Season Reviewed by Gill O'Donnell for The Craven Herald and Pioneer  

A love for story meets a passion for junk

Captain Scrap, aka Ross Reynolds, has been performing for the last six years, turning a lifelong passion for junk and scrap items into a wonderfully engaging and memorable event for families. Just like one of his fantastical creations, his show combines the wonder of the imagination with art, superb storytelling, and a few items of discarded materials.

School puts the giggle into happiness festival

Staff from Settle Stories met with staff and pupils from Giggleswick School to find out what makes them happy as the organisations announced the School’s sponsorship of The Festival of Happiness, which takes place on Saturday 27 May in Settle.

Interacting with the Stories: Dave Tonge, Settle Stories Schools Week

If you’re reading this, you probably know about the many and varied storytelling events and workshops that Settle Stories run for the general public, but did you know that those events are only a small part of all that we do? One thing that a lot of people don’t know about Settle Stories is that we work with over 6,000 school pupils every year as part of our learning programme, bringing professional storytellers into schools to tell stories and lead workshops with children of all ages.

Books to buy Mum for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day has come around again and as we get into March it is time to think about what we can buy for the loved ‘mum’ in our life. This may be your own mum, your grandma, your children’s mum or just a friend who you think is a mum deserving of a special gift.

'Against the Dying of the Light' - Jean Harrison

When what are loosely called 'Science Fiction' writers step into the near or far future they are obliged to do so speculatively. Their invented realities are necessarily 'alternative' in the sense that they (and we) cannot know which way existential signposts will hang in the wind; the legends such signs bear remain hieroglyphs until they clarify over time.

The Hog Roast, the Beltie & the Swaledale Ewe - A Kilnsey Story

Shows lie at the very heart of Dales culture. Originally local in scale, and agricultural in outlook, many have grown over generations to become the bustling festivals we know today, appealing to farmers, day-trippers and tourists alike.


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