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The power of storytelling in schools

Settle Stories was set up in 2010 by Sita Brand to promote literature, reading and storytelling for the local Settle and wider Yorkshire Dales community. Since then the charity has worked to increase access to traditional and modern forms of storytelling, to encourage people of all ages to interact with storytelling and to tell their own stories.

Dig Deep for the Settle Stories Christmas Raffle !

One of the several OED definitions of the word 'charity' is 'kindness and tolerance in judging others', and at Settle Stories we make a commitment to the wider community in all of its wonderful, colo

Away with the Fairies: Goldilocks and the Three Dead Rabbits

It's official ! In a recent speech to the Berlin Literary Festival, no less a luminary than American writer Meg Rosoff threw a spanner in the certainties of scientific literalism with the brazen suggestion that the telling of fairy stories to young children might actually be beneficial to their long-term development.

Artist Interview: Sola Story

The Lion in the Night

Tom Twisleton 100 - A Year in Review

The ancient Greeks advocated, although were not always practiced in, the idea of moderation in all affairs.

World Mosquito Day

To celebrate World Mosquito Day here is a story about why Mosquitos buzz in your ear.

New Beginnings

Check out the Youtube Videos we made with clients from North Yorkshire Horizons here.

Poetry Competition - Judges report

As part of our year long celebration of the life of Craven legend and poet Tom Twisleton, Settle Stories ran a poetry competition for young people in the area.


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