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Value your everyday life, its fascinating

Brazillian storyteller Ana Maria Lines will once again be joining us in the Yorkshrie Dales. She blew audiences away at the 2014 Settle Stories Festival and we're expecting great things of her at the 2018 Settle Stories Festival.

Great photographers listen to their unique voice

Photographers are our eyes to the world. They educate us, inform us and inspire us. 

Review: Winnie the Pooh Day

Winnie the Pooh Day in Settle, 20/01/2018. Settle Stories Autumn/Winter Events Season. Reviewed by Gill O'Donnell for the Craven Herald and Pioneer  In recent years the variety of events and range of performers taking part in Settle Storytelling Festival have conclusively demonstrated that stories are not just an activity for children.

Women in Fairy Tales: ‘Snow White’ and the Insidious Power of Gender Stereotypes.

Fairy tales depict the fantastical lives of princes and princesses, witches and ogres, giants and dragons. They have endured because of their magical power to take us away from the mundanity of everyday life and capture our imaginations. But are they really so far removed from reality?

Winnie the Pooh

The stories of Winnie-the-Pooh from the Hundred Acre Wood are stories which almost every adult and child living in Britain today will be familiar with. The honey-loving yellow bear with his adorable collection of friends, including Christopher Robin have filled many a storytelling hour for young children across the globe.

The Voice in the Nave: A Christmas Story

Perhaps our observance, celebration and misrecognition of Christmas are silken threads in a grander tapestry. Maybe the enduring shadows of the Christian, the pagan and the rapaciously commercial are only disparate mirrors of our yearning to feel secure, to return 'home', wherever home is.

Stories...the fundamental norm for communication

Settle Stories is supported and governed by a board of trustees with an amazing skill set.  Ann Rutherford is the latest addition to the board. A busy arts professional, we caught up with Ann to find out more about her. Q: Tell us a little about your background. How did you get to where you are today?  

Review: Tom Twisleton 100 Celebration

Tom Twisleton 100 in Settle, 25/11/2017. Settle Stories Autumn/Winter Events Season. Reviewed by Gill O'Donnell for the Craven Herald and Pioneer 

The power of storytelling in schools

Settle Stories was set up in 2010 by Sita Brand to promote literature, reading and storytelling for the local Settle and wider Yorkshire Dales community. Since then the charity has worked to increase access to traditional and modern forms of storytelling, to encourage people of all ages to interact with storytelling and to tell their own stories.

Dig Deep for the Settle Stories Christmas Raffle !

One of the several OED definitions of the word 'charity' is 'kindness and tolerance in judging others', and at Settle Stories we make a commitment to the wider community in all of its wonderful, colo


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