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Interviews with storytellers - Sophie Snell

Sophie Snell is a member of the Flying Donkeys Storytelling Club. Growing up surrounded by books and stories, Sophie has always known the power of story.

Interviews with Storytellers - Hugh Lupton

  Tell us something about your background.  Street theatre, folk music, writing, teaching, all came together to make me a storyteller in the late seventies. Where in the world are you? Norfolk, England.

Interviwes with Storytellers - Fergus McNicol

Fergus McNicol is performing at the Settle Storytelling Festival 2011. He joins Mio Shapley for Kamishibai Capers and also performs at the Ghost Stories evening.

Interviews with Storytellers - Grant Gordon

Using archive footage, vintage photographs, music and spoken word this tells the story of the 20th Century through the eyes of one family.

Interviews with Storytellers - Dave Tong

Dave will be at the Settle Storytelling Festival 2011 performing round a fire in a 17th century manor house  


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