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Review: World Storytelling Day 2019

Review written by a young audience member who is just 13. We love that he took the time to review our World Storytelling day event and hope you enjoy his reflections.

Celebrating the spirit of Settle

In conversation with Jayne Davies, Heritage Project Officer for our next community heritage project; Tom Faulkner: A Portrait of Stories.

Resurrecting Fairy Stories with New Magic

Many of us will remember with great fondness our parents reading magical tales of faraway lands to us as children. Houses could be made of gingerbread, rabbit holes would lead to great adventures and trolls lived under bridges.

Arts as a tool to understand our environment

We all know family life is hectic. Wouldn't it be nice to spend a day out together? One that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Settle Stories and the Ribble Rivers Trust are joining forces to give you just that. 

Friends, Visitors, Countrymen, Bend me an Ear

Step into The Listening Gallery in Settle where audio exhibition The Sympathetic Ear awaits your troubles.  The Listening Gallery is the worlds first audio gallery in a phone box that Settle Stories adopted and then restored in 2018. The gallery is now open 24-7, 365 days a year for all. 

Interview with Francis Lee - God's Own Country Director

On Sunday 31st March at 2pm we are screening God's Own Country - Francis Lee's first feature film as part of our Lazy Sunday Afternoon Film Club. 

How a Turning Point in life can change your story

Sometimes on our journey through life, events happen that can drastically change the path that we are on. But these events don’t always have to have a negative impact.   

'Settle Stories: 2018 Story

As we begin to pack up our desks for the festive break we have been reflecting on another fantastic year here at Settle Stories and we thought it was time to say a few thank yous.

Storytelling - the most inspiring history lesson

Let us cast our minds back to imagine we are in the midst of the First World War. Fighting is worldwide on the Western Front, in East Africa, Mesopotamia and Gallipoli (now modern-day Syria and Iraq). Of the 75 million men who are fighting in the war, over 1.5million of these were from Indian Army. More than 74,000 sacrificed their lives. 

1 in 10 children get a story at bedtime

Are we saying ‘goodnight’ to bedtime stories? Bedtime stories, are proven to boost academic achievement so not only are they a fun and bonding way to say goodnight to one another, they also aid a child’s development. It is a real shame then that this pass time a dwindling practice in many households.


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