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Tales by the Ribble

“Once upon a time, in Yorkshire…”

Looking into Creativity

Creativity is an essential life skill. OK, we’re an arts organisation; we’re bound to say that. As in the last twelve months we’ve been looking more at creativity through the retreats we’ve been running, we wanted to investigate what you, the general public think of creativity.

When storytelling comes to life….

Q & A with storyteller Ian Douglas performing at Tales by The Ribble this Saturday

Minimising Stress in the Workplace - Q & A with Sita Brand

We're coming to the end of stress awareness month for 2019. It's important to think ahead for what we can all do to reduce the stress and pressure we put on ourselves at home and at work. Our Chief Executive Sita Brand has taught mindfulness andmeditation in schools, libraries, theatres, arts organisations and prisons. She says that Settle Stories is the happiest place she's ever worked in and aims to make it "a place to get rich in your soul."   

Populating the landscape with characters - - Q & A with Dominic Kelly

On Sunday 28th April at 3pm award winning storyteller Dominic Kelly and folk musicans Bridget Marsden and Leif Ottosson perform The Big Blind at The Joinery. 

Review: World Storytelling Day 2019

Review written by a young audience member who is just 13. We love that he took the time to review our World Storytelling day event and hope you enjoy his reflections.

Celebrating the spirit of Settle

In conversation with Jayne Davies, Heritage Project Officer for our next community heritage project; Tom Faulkner: A Portrait of Stories.

Resurrecting Fairy Stories with New Magic

Many of us will remember with great fondness our parents reading magical tales of faraway lands to us as children. Houses could be made of gingerbread, rabbit holes would lead to great adventures and trolls lived under bridges.

Arts as a tool to understand our environment

We all know family life is hectic. Wouldn't it be nice to spend a day out together? One that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Settle Stories and the Ribble Rivers Trust are joining forces to give you just that. 


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