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How a Turning Point in life can change your story

Sometimes on our journey through life, events happen that can drastically change the path that we are on. But these events don’t always have to have a negative impact.   

'Settle Stories: 2018 Story

As we begin to pack up our desks for the festive break we have been reflecting on another fantastic year here at Settle Stories and we thought it was time to say a few thank yous.

Storytelling - the most inspiring history lesson

Let us cast our minds back to imagine we are in the midst of the First World War. Fighting is worldwide on the Western Front, in East Africa, Mesopotamia and Gallipoli (now modern-day Syria and Iraq). Of the 75 million men who are fighting in the war, over 1.5million of these were from Indian Army. More than 74,000 sacrificed their lives. 

1 in 10 children get a story at bedtime

Are we saying ‘goodnight’ to bedtime stories? Bedtime stories, are proven to boost academic achievement so not only are they a fun and bonding way to say goodnight to one another, they also aid a child’s development. It is a real shame then that this pass time a dwindling practice in many households.

The Arts can change lives

Hi, I’m Margaret a trustee at Settle Stories. I am almost 80 years old.  With this in mind, I wanted to talk to you about how easy it is for older people to feel they have become invisible. Why you ask? I’d say quite simply it’s just because we have white hair, are inevitably slowing down and the world is moving on, ever faster. 

Will Myths & Legends stand the test of time?

Are Myths and Legends becoming just that, or do they still continue to capture children’s imaginations?

Review: I Don't Know What I'm Supposed To Be Doing

I Don't Know What I'm Supposed To Be Doing: Emma Decent SETTLE STORIES: 12.10.18 Reviewed by Gill O'Donnell

Review: Edge of Obedience

EDGE OF OBEDIENCE  SETTLE STORIES: 20/9/18 Reviewed by Gill O'Donnell

The 'great Muslim debate' with a different lens- Q&A with filmmaker/producer Jin Theng Craven

It's always exciting when you meet an artist with an urgent need to share a story.  Jin-Theng-Craven is such an artist.

Autobiographical Stories - Q&A with Emma Decent

Emma Decent is a writer and performer who has over fifteen years of experience writing moving autobiographical pieces about the relationship between parents and children. She has appeared at open mic events all over the country and has been a guest poet at events in Manchester, Preston, Wakefield and beyond.


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