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Settle Writers Group - Q & A on Creativity

Jane Emmison, one of our trusty volunteers, came to get creative at our Create Cafe and Settle Writers Group this Summer. After producing some great work and loving the involvement in the groups, she had a few questions for Jessica who had set the Writers Group into motion! Q. How & When did Settle Writers Group start? 

Environmental connections - Q & A with Sarah Smout

As society starts to take climate change more and more seriously spoken word artist and musican Sarah Smouts work is more urgent than ever.

Creativity v’s Curriculum

Stories touch everyone’s imagination, but none more so than children. That is why storytelling and that arts play such an important part in a child’s life. As budgets get cut, there is already evidence of a decline in bookings for such activities as sending storytellers into schools, which we here at Settle Stories are huge advocates of. But why are these opportunities so important?

Volunteers - the lifeblood of Society

When was the last time you gave something back to your community? Maybe you helped a neigbour. Perhaps you volunteered at your local theatre? Maybe you gave some time to a community garden project. Remember the feeling you got from giving something back? If you're anything like me, it's a warm fuzzy feeling. My experience of volunteering has always been positive.


Family fun activity for the Summer Hols! The Summer Holidays are now in full swing? Each week we're brining you a fun activity fusing stories with Mother Nature. Try this at home and send us what you made to our facebook page “Trot! Trot! Trot!  Over the Rickety Bridge!”

The 3 Little Pigs - family fun activities this Summer

The heady, and hopefully sunny, days of school holidays are here! Hooray, for children, but sometimes a stress for parents to come up with new ideas to keep young minds entertained.

Diversity and Inclusion Training

Diversity and inclusion are often tricky subjects. Sometimes the fear of saying the wrong thing leads to people not saying anything at all, which is counter productive in every way. 

Young creatives and qualifications! Post Arts Award Q & A

Here at Settle Stories we ran an Arts Award week back in May with some local teenagers. We just found out that EVERY participant that submitted a portfolio was successful!  I caught up with Jayne, our Heritage Project Officer, to find out her favourite parts of the week and if we’re hosting again.  

Up for a Laugh! Q & A with Steff Todd

On Saturday 13th July local lass Steff Todd returns to her hometown Settle to preview her Edinburgh Fringe show: Reality Check. Audiences can expect to belly laugh at Steff's stand-up comedy and spot-on impressions.    We caught up with Steff for a quick chat ahead of this Saturday's show. 

From Giggleswick to Uganda: Q & A with Thomas Lewton

On Sunday 30th June we're screening Storytelling in Africa: Changing the News Narrative. It is a presentation of short films by local lad turned professional filmmaker Thomas Lewton. 


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