Cassandra Wye

Cassandra Wye

For over 20 years, international storyteller Cassandra Wye has travelled the world telling stories from Barbados to Borneo, from the depths of the rainforest to the roof of the world, from cosy community celebrations to performing on the streets with audiences of 1000’s. Fizzing with exuberance, energy and enthusiasm, her love of stories and storytelling knows no boundaries. She swoops audiences of all ages off on unforgettable adventures wherever she goes.

She has worked as a literature consultant for British Council across Asia, as curriculum advisor in Language Arts for Ministries of Education in Hong Kong and Malaysia and on cross-cultural commissions for National Arts Council of Singapore.

What audiences have said about Cassandra

“Her impish enthusiasm is infectious” South China Morning Post Hong Kong

“Ten minutes with exuberant Cassandra and the children were captivated as she skilfully carted them off on one of her amazing adventures” New Strait Times Malaysia

“Let your imagination soar, because those stories are fun! And Cassandra makes them even more enjoyable with her uniquely animated personality” Nepali Times, Nepal

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