Amer Shomali

Amer Shomali

Palestinian artist, Amer Shomali, moves smoothly between various artistic practices and forms.

Shomali’s academic background in architecture and animation coupled with a feverish interest in increasing knowledge of the Palestinian visual heritage which is compounded by his critical spirit, black humor and expressive boldness enables him to motion through different media and methods.

His loyalty is only to his ideas, which can manifest themselves in many different forms such as posters, animation, drawing, painting, cartoons, sculptures, or even films. As a result, he can be considered a visual artist, filmmaker, animator, graphic designer, painter and cartoonist all at once.

Despite coalescing all practices in his art, when working on a respective project Shomali always approaches it with the passion of a creator, the patience of an artisan and, most importantly, with the heart of a dreamer who aspires to procure a greater life for art. A life which transcends the walls of the gallery and its audiences.

A distinguishing element which differentiates Shomali from other Palestinian artists, is the elaborate care he places while searching for the connection once found between both artistic expression and the people within the Palestinian context.