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A Month in the life of …

Mon, October 21, 2019 by Albert

We’re delighted to have Louise Cross to our team at Settle Stories. Louise was the successful applicant for our Event Manager Internship. She promised to write regularly for our blog. Here is this month’s contribution.

It’s been over two months that I have been working at Settle Stories and those months have flown by in a whirlwind of activities. Here are some highlights from this past month!

Sarah Smout’s Returning Home!

Skipton based cellist, singer, songwriter Sarah Smout came to perform her new show Returning Home, at the Joinery and I worked the event. Sarah first got involved with Settle Stories through our artist’s FEAST network. Sarah was one of the first people that I met in Settle, on my first day on the job at Settle Stories. We met at an inclusivity training day and so from the off I was excited to see her event. And so was everyone else in Settle apparently as we were over capacity! It was amazing to see Settle folk turn out en masse to discover this emerging young local artist.

It has been apparent to me, getting to know the Yorkshire Dales, that the local landscape is inherently part of their identity. It was therefore interesting to see this appreciation for landscape has infiltrated and become intrinsic to her songwriting.

But Sarah’s show is not the only show that has been sold out! We’ve had to add an extra date to Alfie Moore’s gig because we sold out so quickly!

Sarah Smout in the Joinery

Life in Our Hands exhibition is up and running!

I won’t lie, I have spent a lot of my time working on this exhibition fighting and struggling with technology!! I think I let down my “young person” stereotype of being a tech whizz. But now that everything is up and running and the technology is sorted, I can now look back and remember how incredible it has been to work closely with an internationally renowned artist. It has been especially wonderful over the past couple weeks hearing the lovely feedback from the community who have been coming to see the exhibition.

Working on this exhibition, I am struck how Shantamani M has been able to experience a place in a way that it is extremely rare. In a two week window, Shatamani M came to Settle and in that time she met many members of the community, some of whose homes she has been welcomed into. She has heard personal stories and shared in the intimacy of holding hands. For me, this is core to the beauty of the exhibition; in a time when we often have walls up, these people have welcomed Shantamani, and the public in to have a brief glimpse at their lives.

Yorkshire Festival of Story logo

Unheard Yorkshire Podcasts

Recently I have been working on a series of Podcasts based on the recordings of WR Mitchell interviews with the people of the Dales and surrounding areas. Similarly to Shantamani, coming to Settle and in a short period of time acquiring special insight into the place and the people, I am discovering some amazing stories buried in Settle’s history on these seldom heard tapes. Some stories that are heartwarming, some funny, some mischievous antics, stories of holding service in the dark at Giggleswick Chapel during the blackout, and other’s least favourite teachers at school.

These podcasts, titled Unheard Yorkshire, are definitely something to look forward to as the first chapter in the lead up to Settle Stories’ biggest festival to date, Yorkshire festival of Story!

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