Black History Month in schools

Celebrate Black History Month - October 2019

Black History Month is a time to celebrate black history and heritage. We understand how important it is for your school to encourage pupils to respect others and other cultures. To help you fulfil the curriculum and the British Values for schools, why not welcome a storyteller into school this October? 

This year we will be offering African, Chinese and Indian storytelling packages. These interactive sessions will include traditional folktales, crafts, music and languages that are unique to these cultures. 

Having an external professional visit school creates a powerful and memorable experience for all pupils.

Inspire pupil’s curiosity about other cultures and defeat stereotypes in order to combat discrimination. The participation will ignite pupils imaginations and leave them feeling more confident in their ability to create and work both independently and in a team.  

“Our storyteller has been phenomenal. Today our pupils have learnt about African culture in a meaningful way and this has helped us address misconceptions.” - Headteacher at local Primary school, 2019


Workshops support these curricular areas: 

English - spoken language, reading, writing, vocabulary

Drama - improvisation, response, co-creation, devising

History -  history of the wider world, understanding connections of local and international, traditions and beliefs

Human Geography - knowledge of diverse places, people and environments

British Values- respect for different cultures, builds self-confidence, combats discrimination

Day Structure: 

Start the day with a full school assembly from your storyteller.

Your storyteller can then work with one class or work their way around the whole school. Your storyteller will liaise with you to confirm a timetable that works best for your school.

Settle Stories work with over 6,000 young people a year in schools. 

100 % of schools we’ve worked with would recommend us.   Feedback from school workshops over the since 2015.

African Storytelling

Available 21st Oct - 1st Nov 

Strengthen your pupils understanding of Africa with our authentic, interactive and engaging African storytelling package. The day will focus on stories from traditional folklore that originate in Kenya. The day promises to be interactive, energetic and fast paced. 

This fast-paced and energetic day will include dramatic narration, banter, chant, recitation, song, music & movement. Pupils will further their understanding of Africa’s vibrant culture and history and learn how to bring stories to life.

Pupils will become storytellers themselves as they develop their Drama and English skills. They will learn about story structure, genre and scenario setting. They will become confident in their ability to form a narrative, to improvise, to think creatively and to work in a team. 

Your pupils will leave with a love for African traditions and a heightened sense of self-esteem and self-confidence in their own creative abilities.

Chinese Storytelling 

Transport your pupils to China with Chinese folktales and traditional Chinese brush painting that bring alive the ancient traditions of this diverse country.

Your pupils will discover traditional Chinese artefacts that they will pass around, learn about and admire. They will be taught how to do their own version of traditional Chinese brush painting that is then theirs to take home. Combining this with stories from the ancient folklore of China this package will open up discussion amongst your pupils. By the end of the day they will develop their ability to clearly explain their findings and ideas whilst gaining insight into another area of the world. 

The crafts, artefacts and interactive stories in this package aid pupil’s appreciation for diverse places and traditions around the world. It inspires a love for reading and an appreciation for other cultures whilst developing their ability to co-create, discuss and listen. 

Indian Storytelling

Lively and vibrant this package will engage your pupils with Indian heritage. Using traditional Indian folktales pupils will develop their skills in English and Drama whilst gaining insight into another language. 

As India’s cultural traditions are brought to life pupils will develop a love for learning about other cultures and a mutual respect for different faiths and beliefs. In this interactive workshop pupils will engage with traditional Indian storytelling props and intricate puppets. As they listen to the stories being told pupils will develop their ability to improvise, listen and respond to the creative narrative. 

Your students will learn to count to 10 in Hindi. Pupils will then look at traditional Indian story scrolls and the storyteller will teach them how to create their own with a story of their choice from the session. The children can then take these home. 

Story, crafts, languages and drama will improve pupil’s ability to listen, respond, discuss, improvise and create whilst strengthening their fascination and respect for India and diverse cultures around the world. 

Settle Stories Guarantee

We understand the rising pressure on schools to do more with less budget. At Settle Stories we have chosen to work with the best storytelling professionals who have all undergone a rigorous assessment process. Our storytellers are versatile performers who can respond to your curricular needs. We only work with the best. That is our guarantee. 


There is a one-off fee for storytellers. Settle Stories arranges all transport and accommodation costs.

Full day: £350 Half day: £225, or £175 when booked with another school who shares the day with you. Schools are responsible for finding a school to share with.


For an informal chat about the work of the storytellers available, contact Jessica Harris
Phone: 01729 822292