Your Hero Journey

Take yourself on a transformational journey through your own creative writing. You will be guided to explore your relationship with the world.
This six week online program invites you to look deeply into who you want to be. It will help you make sense of your life through the medium of traditional tales.
Traditional stories have survived for generations, in some cases for thousands of years. This is because they provide a psychological template for personal growth & resilience. They help us face challenge and learn to deal with trauma.
Your Hero Journey invites you to take that template and apply it to your life experiences. No previous writing experience is necessary. You will be guided through the program using online materials including online group mentoring.
The course will take place on Zoom. This is a desktop video conferencing tool similar to Skype or Google Hangouts. It allows a group of people to interact in real time through audio, video and text messages. The advantage of Zoom over Skype and Hangouts is that participants do not need to share contact information with each other or create accounts.
This course is offered at a heavily discounted rate. By participating in this course you agree to take part in the evaluation and provide feedback as required.
Free places are available for those on Universal Credit. Please contact Sita at Settle Stories on 01729 822292 to find out about these places.
Sunday, 10 June 2018 - 5:30pm
6 weekly one hour sessions
16 +
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