Volunteer with Young People

Could you volunteer a couple hours of your time to work with young people here in Settle? We've launched an exciting new heritage project, Tom Twistleton 100

If you can facilitate young people's learning and their personal and social development during this unique new project we want to hear from you.

We're looking for volunteers to work with young people, supporting them in their activites such as planning a Hertiage Trail, carrying out research or preparing a podcast, book or exhibition. The young people will meet after school and sometimes during the school holidays, here in Settle. You will work alongside the Heritage Project Officer and be a valuable member of the project team. 
There are all sorts of ways to get involved in the project. The project will finish in February 2018. Perhaps you want to get involved for the full life of the project or maybe there is a specific area you feel you can help out with. Whether you want to gain new skills, work experience or simply give back to the community, we're keen to hear from you. 
Contact Hazel on hazel@settlestories.org.uk and have a chat about how we can work together.