Stories under the Stars

Myths & Folktales round the campfire

Experience stories round the campfire at one of the Yorkshire Dales most stunning locations, Lower Winskill Farm. 

International storyteller Cassandra Wye will entertain and inspire you with an eclectic new set of myths and folktales 'We Share the same Sky.'

Long ago - our ancestors stood and gazed up at the stars and wondered why? The patterns of stars helped them to create stories to explain who we are.

We Share the Same Sky - from the marshlands of England, across the prairies of America, to the sky above us all, this performance shares the stories of those who have followed the stars - from sky-maidens looking for love to runaway slaves searching for freedom - the stories celebrate those who follow a dream to dare their future. These tales, both wickedly funny and heartbreakingly poignant, will not fail to amuse and to move you.

Funded by Arts Council England, We Share the Same Sky was developed under the mentorship of Lynn Moroney, American Indian sky-lore storyteller, who has been telling tales of the skies around the globe for over 40 years. 


The performance has toured venues across USA and Canada, to great acclaim.This event, will be the premiere performance in the UK and will take place in the barn at Lower Winskill Farm near Langcliffe, Settle. This is one of the most stunning locations in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. 






Saturday, 26 August 2017 - 7:00pm
2 hours
Adult event
Events 2017
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