Chocolate inspires her creativity - Q&A with festival artist Sarah Sayeed

Sarah Sayeed is a writer and musical artist who has written and performed nationally and internationally with shows to include Samson and Delilah, Sydney Festival, BBC Mela, Brighton Fringe and DePercussion. Trained in Indian classical techniques with maestro Swati Natekar, she has released work through Public Transit Recordings and her own single Black Is independently. Described by Bobby Friction as a ‘360 degree conscious artist’ she was recently selected to curate Sound Travels for Google Cultural Institute featuring women composers and inspired by records held in the British Music Collection.

We are very excited to be welcoming Sarah to the Settle Stories Festival, where she'll be performing Sufi Poetry and facilitating a workshop Sufi Poetry Writing. We caught up with Sarah pre her visit to find out more about what inspires her and her artistic ambitions.

Q: What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?

A: Learning to tune out people with bad energies. And bearing and birthing ny son.

Q: What inspires your creativity?

A: Chocolate, beautifully created music, dreams and the dream world, wise saints and scholars, older people who no longer care what people think of them.

Q: Give one piece of advice to your younger self.

A: Grow up. Actually don't grow up, you are being too serious. Oh and slow down.

Q: Who is your artistic idol & why?

A: Leonara Carrington. For creating surrealist worlds which I also imagined as a child.

Q: What is your key goal with your artistic practice?

A: To make new works in a stress free way.

Q: What are the stakes? What happens if you fail?

A: Stakes are not high. At worst I get more stressed than I had hoped to be. If I fail I try to give myself the benefit of the doubt and move on.

Q: If you could be any literary character, who would you be and why?

A: Matilda in Roald Dahl. I want to be able to move objects with my mind.

Q: What do you want your tombstone to say?

A: Still here. Watch out. I will get you.


Sarah will be performing Sufi Poetry and Sufi Poetry Writing Workshop at the Settle Stories Festival this April, don't miss it!