'A Tyrant Spell'

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When Emily Brontë wrote the line, 'a tyrant spell has bound me', she could not have known how her words would resonate way beyond the confines of a little known poem. The tyrant spell is a charm that is both seductive and inescapable, much in the way that neither she, nor her similarly driven sisters, could escape the sometimes life-affirming, sometimes desperate, sometimes toxic compulsion to write. Emily, Charlotte and Anne were driven to remonstrate with, and express disquiet at, a rigid social fabric which subordinated the needs of women to the 'defining' actions of a male patriarchy. Brontë heroines are strong, independent, spirited, and above all, not prepared to accept the tokenisms of the helpmeet, the hearth angel, or the dutiful wife. The writers themselves mirror such disquiet. They are women in a man's world, and they take on that world through a medium in which they can best dramatise crushing social tensions - that of storytelling.

The Brontë stories have been read and re-read, absorbed, re-invented, adapted and de-contextualised, but they never lose the power to fascinate, or a warrant to be rehearsed afresh. In an evening of excerpts and vignettes, mostly taken from the words of the writers themselves, the performers - Floe Shakespeare and Dr Steve Whitaker - will breathe life into the period in which the Brontës were active, their selections accompanied by musical interludes provided by Dales cellist, Christine Dittman, formerly of the renowned Haffner Orchestra.

Please come along; all are welcome.

Date:  Saturday 4th February, 2017 at 7.30pm

Venue:  Quaker Meeting House - Airton, N. Yorks.

Event free of charge, but donations to Meeting House funds much appreciated.

Refreshments provided.