World Mosquito Day

Drawing of MosquitoTo celebrate World Mosquito Day here is a story about why Mosquitos buzz in your ear.

A long time ago Ear was a beautiful woman and ready for marriage. Several suitors wooed her. There were big and small creatures. There were fast and slow ones. They all professed their love for Ear.
Then along came mosquito. "I would like you to be my wife", said Mosquito.
"Look around you," Ear cried. "Of all the creatures in the whole world, what makes you think I would marry you."
"You, a mosquito who will be dead before the end of the week. You're not strong. I will never marry you!" Ear fell off her chair with the thought of marrying the mosquito.
Mosquito was very upset. "Dead before the week is over," thought Mosquito we'll see about that.
From that day forward whenever Mosquito sees Ear, he flies and buzzes around her saying "Here I am, I am not dead."