Celebrate Craven !

At Settle Stories we take great pleasure in the rewards that our work locally, and in the wider community, yield. We hope we celebrate the whole of that community, in its wonderful, colourful diversity. 

In just a few short months in 2017, we have organised and presented the hugely successful Festival of Happiness, a festival of comedy, dance, music and storytelling; we have welcomed gifted storytellers from around the UK and many other corners of the globe to Settle, along with comedians, animators, musicians and dancers. 

And perhaps above all, we have brought neglected local (his)stories into the foreground. Our celebration of the life of dialect poet, Tom Twisleton - who died exactly 100 years ago - has been massively invigorated by the involvement of schools and the young people of Craven, whose work towards creating a solid platform of historical interest has been enthusiastic and energetic. It is fitting, we think, that young people should take up the mantle of the past, and commemorate that past by bearing it into their own, our own, futures.

The rewards are limitless. Which is why Skipton's 'Celebrate Craven' event on Tuesday, 11th July is worth our, and your, support. A day and evening-long festival of the colour of local life is planned, and will include, during the day, the novel phenomenon of 'living books' - people from many cultures and backgrounds who now live in the Craven area, and will relate their back-stories, their personal autobiographies, to all passers-by who express an interest. We will discover what brought them to Craven, how they value Craven life and what their hopes for the future are; and we will learn how a diversity of cultural heritages may thrive alongside each other.

Skipton Town Hall will host a 'Tastes and Talents of Craven' evening from 7.30pm onwards, and in line with this celebration of diversity and inclusivity, shades of culinary cultures from all over the world will be represented in a feast of epicurean delights, some of which will be familiar,  some not ! You'll be astonished to discover just how many types of tasty morsel are now widely available throughout Craven, from Pakistani cuisine, to Eastern European gourmandising, to the somewhat counter-intuitive Yorkshire Chorizo, produced in the heart of the Dales.  The foody frolics will be accompanied by live music and a presentation of Virpi Kettu's -  with whose fantastic work Settle Stories' audiences will be familiar - latest Dales-themed animation.

All welcome.  For more information tel. 01756 792809, or keep updated with the event on: