Have a bite to eat and help change lives

When you are working down the aisle at the supermarket, do you take time to consider how the foods surrounding you got there? 

The Fairtrade Café at the Festival of Happiness will be offering a wholesome selection of hot and cold drinks, cakes and snacks that display the Fairtrade logo. 

What is Fairtrade? Come and learn all about it and have fun playing games with other festival attendees.

Liz Roodhouse will run the café on the day along with other members of the Skipton Faitrade town innitiative. They are interested to know if the good people of Settle are interested in making Settle a Fairtrade town. If that sounds like something that interests you, come and talk to Liz at the Festival.

We caught up with Liz to find out what makes her happy:

Q: What is your favourite word, and why?

A: My favourite word is cherish because it conveys so much more than love.

Q: What was the last book you read?

A: The last book I read was – I have just finished it half an hour ago – Change of Climate by Hilary Mantell. Can’t wait to start reading the last of the Neapolitan novels by Elena Ferrante. The others have been brilliant.

Q: What is your earliest memory?

A: Being on my dad’s shoulders watching sheep being dipped.

Q: What, if anything, do you owe your parents?

A: My parents taught me to appreciate simple things, a love of nature, the importance of being involved in the community and being kind and helpful to people.

Q: What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?

A: This is a hard one. Probably managing to walk to the top of the second highest peak in the Tauras Mountains in Turkey – 4134m. Also bringing up with my husband my three children who are all decent human beings – caring and sensitive to the needs of others.

Q: What is your screensaver?

A: A landscape image from google.

Q: Do you have a guilty pleasure, and if so, what?

My guilty pleasure is probably colourful and exciting tights – I can’t resist them. They’re fashionable now but I’ve been wearing them for 40 years and have some that are more than twenty years old that I can still wear.

Q: When were you happiest?

I’m happiest when I’m walking in the early morning at this time of year. A walk along the track near my house before 7am energises me and sets me up for the day. There have been lots of happy times in my life but I couldn’t say that there is a ‘happiest one’. For example, being a young mum; driving around the beautiful Yorkshire countryside discovering little roads I didn’t even knew existed in the school minibus, waiting for Duke of Edinburgh Award groups to check in.


Do join us at Fairtrade Cafe at the Festival of Happiness on Sat 27th May - 10am - 4pm at the Friends Meeting House in Settle. This is just one of 20 FREE events at the Festival.