Geocaching Tale Trail

Discover the story of Christmas! 

Hidden all over Settle are secret geocaches. Get your detective's hat on and use your GPS device to uncover a hidden story.

The Geocaches are hidden all over Settle. Thank you for participating in our Geocaching Tale Trail.

There are five caches around Settle that make up our Tale Trail. Four of these are Settle Stories caches and there is a fifth, a guest cache thanks to clockworkmouse88.

In order to find these caches you will next need to go onto the geocaching website Once you are there, click on ‘Play’ and then enter ‘Settle. England’ as your location. This will bring up all the caches in and near Settle.  Select caches for Settle Stories and for our guest clockworkmouse88. You can now go and find the caches in any order and once you have succeeded, follow the instructions below to access your prize.

Free fun for all the family. An adventure around Settle as you discover clues to unlock your digital story. Each clue is a letter. Together they form a word which you will need to email to ***** and you'll get your digital story.

A HUGE thank you to our season sponsor: 

Friday, 1 December 2017 - 12:00am
Running until 14th January
Events 2017
Festival 2016