Artist Commission 2017

Settle Stories wishes to commission a new piece that fuses performance storytelling which digital arts. We are happy to consider a piece that you have partly developed and would benefit from working with us to create into a fuller piece that is ready to tour. Please contact us to discuss.

Budget:  A maximum of £3000 (inclusive of all costs) + £1000 towards set, costume and props

Additional support available: Free rehearsal space in Settle, directorial and dramaturgy, press and marketing. Accommodation and subsistence at the Settle Stories Festival

Deadline for submissions: Monday 30th October, 5pm. Send by email to info(at)

Interviews via skype: Thursday 2nd November

Brief: We seek to commission a professional storyteller/spoken word performer/s to create a new work for either adult or family audiences that will premiere at the next Settle Stories Festival: 6-8 April 2018.

We offer this opportunity to an individual/ensemble or company who work professionally as storytellers/spoken word performers. We seek new ideas and proposals to make a piece of professional live & digital performance. You will have a proven track record as a professional spoken word artist/ storyteller or as a digital artist. The must use live performance and digital arts.

Following the performance at the Settle Stories Festival we will explore the potential of touring this new work. This would include supporting you to do this and selling the tour.

The themeCreative resistance in an uncertain world

At the heart of Settle Stories we seek to use the transformatory power of story to change lives. We want this piece to echo our ethos.

We are seeking a collaborator to create a new, bold piece of work, visually interesting that takes our audience on a journey that uses both live and digital mediums to bring into focus hidden stories. These are stories from the margins. This might include stories from migrant, refugee or rural communities. You may wish to explore traditional tales from migrant communities or the stories of those we never hear from. We want to give a voice to the disinvested. 

Please email your CV/company profile, a draft budget outlining how you would spend the commission, and a maximum of 2 sides of A4 outlining:

  • Your idea, detailing how you want to explore a live and digital experience? 
  • How your piece will provoke or inspire change?
  • How would this commission support your artistic development?
  • What else you may need from us?
  • What else you can bring to the project? (resources, expertise etc) 
  • Why you’d like to work with Settle Stories

Other information: To undertake this commission you must be eligible to work in the UK.

Find out more about Settle Stories here

For more infomation please contact info(at)