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Won't you step inside...

We're opening our doors just for you. Well, it's not just us, all of our neighbours in Settle's stunning Town Hall are doing the same for the very first Settle Town Hall Open Day.

Be a Story Archaeologist

What makes a good performer?  Think about giving a speech at work or at a wedding, perhaps you're a storyteller or actor. You know that when you have a strong understanding of the content of your performance, you deliver a stronger one. 

Douglas Adamson in the Chair

Settle Stories has just appointed a new Chair of the board of trustees. Douglas Adamson is a Yorkshire-based copywriter and author who has recently published his second novel, Windelton and the Bavarian Incident.

From the ashes of our Public Libraries

Over the last decade Britain has seen a dramatic decline in funding and usage of council libraries across the UK (BBC News). This is an aggressively debated chicken and egg scenario. Which came first, funding cuts or drop in public usage?

Review: Gala Night

Friday 05/08/2016, Settle Stories Learning Programme - Gala Night  Reviewed by Gill O'Donnell for The Craven Herald and Pioneer

Can We Save the NHS One Story at a Time?

Storytelling as a form of therapy is increasingly being recognised by medical professionals. Settle Stories looks at the role of storytelling in well-being and how the healthcare professionals are using it.

We all have a little cinema in our head

Animator Virpi Kettu brings a wealth of high-profile experience to her animation workshops through Settle Stories Learning Programme. Superlatives could not do her CV justice.

The Storytellers Art – Q&A with our Apprentice Storytellers

In October 2015 Settle Stories conducted a survey asking storytellers about some of the challenges and issues that storytellers are currently facing.

Review: True Moon Tales

Friday 24/6/16, Settle Stories Spring / Summer Events - True Moon Tales Reviewed by Gill O'Donnell for the The Craven Herald and Pioneer

Belgian Storyteller Iwan Kushka

Belgian Storyteller Iwan Kushka is coming to Settle later this month. He'll be performing 'True Moon Tales' in Settle Stories first 'Story Concert' alongside two musicians and delivering a story workshop 'Poetic Body / Playful Mind'.


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