African Warrior Stories

Legends of Overcoming

African storytelling with Sola Story

How can we prevent the destruction of Earth and of the humans in it?

How can we convert fear to power? Hatred to love?

What can ancient myths and legends teach us?

Mesmerising African storyteller Sola Story shares myths of Askari handed down over generations that represent a 'call to high adventure' and ancient solutions to modern day challenges.

Through experiencing these stories, we can learn to access our own power and manifest change in today's world.

With his hypnotic stories, Sola reminds us to tune into the hum of this resonance.


Askari Stories are Legends of Overcoming involving mystical challenges and solutions. 'Askari'  is a Swahili term meaning warrior or soldier and they come from the tradition of KaZimba Ngoma (spirit of the lion in motion) which is an eclectic African warrior dance form. 


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Friday, 13 October 2017 - 7:00pm
1 hour
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