Settle Stories is for the curious. We help you discover the transformative power of story and the arts, to make change and fulfil your potential.

We welcome everyone. Whether you’re an online friend, a visitor or live in the Yorkshire Dales, Settle Stories is for you. Join us on a quest to enrich your life and the lives of others with the power of story and the arts.

Our flagship festival and year round events bring people together, to tell untold stories and explore other cultural worlds using the oldest art form of humankind: storytelling.

Our ethos of empowering others lies at the heart of Settle Stories. Our Learning programme in schools touches the lives of over 6,000 children every year. Through our outreach projects, we help community groups use creativity as a tool to heal, transform behaviours and communicate effectively. Through our stimulating workshops and retreats, we give you the chance to explore story, reveal your personal narrative and be the person you want to be.

The world is changing and so is the way we tell stories. We are embracing the digital revolution and pioneering new ways to share stories. Now in our new venue, The Joinery, we will bring the world to Settle and show Settle to the world. Through live streaming, we will challenge perceptions of rural arts and show others the ambitious, unexpected and exciting art that we create and programme.

We are an ambitious charity that is committed to collaboration and doing things differently. Start your journey with us now.

Our Mission and Aims

At Settle Stories our mission is to change your world through story. Our aims are:

1. Increase respect and understanding between different cultures through story

2. Help individuals, communities and organisations empower themselves & fulfill their potential using the power of story

3. Enhance storytelling using new technologies

4. Bring high quality arts & heritage events to our rural community

You too can get involved and join us. Let's create stories together.

Our Values

  • Be open and inclusive
  • Encourage curiosity
  • Be the best you can be
  • Be mindful
  • Think creatively


Settle Stories is a charity (No. 1141649) and company limited by guarantee (No.751765). A board of volunteer Trustees make the decisions. A small part-time staff team work year round to deliver the work of the charity. We survive because of the generous support and donations from a range of organisations and individuals, you can find out more here. Lots of people volunteer for us and many give us services for free because they want to support the cause.