Black History Month in schools

Celebrate Black History Month

Workshops with Storytellers for KS1&2

Gauri Raje– Indian storyteller (15-19th October 2018)

Gauri learnt the art of storytelling with tribal communities in India. Her repertoire of oral tales stems from this training. Her work in academia has enveloped her in a world of Origin Stories and traditional stories of nature, from across the world.

Sharing these ancient tales with your pupils, she will guide them through cultures less known - from outside Europe.  These interactive workshops will illuminate cultural differences outside Europe. Pupils will look at what unifies cultures focusing on the universality of nature. On their journey, pupils will learn new languages too.

Complimenting her interactive storytelling, Gauri will engage pupils with art based activity.  This will stimulate their imaginations further and bring alive the stories they have heard through a creation unique to them.

Gauri works in the UK and in India with refugee and immigrant communities, with vulnerable groups and in educational settings, from Primary schools to Universities.

Mara Menzies – Kenyan Storyteller (1st-5th October 2018)

Mara will take your pupils on an adventure across the African continent with incredible myths and legends.  Visit ancient worlds through stories that inspire and enthral. Your pupils will handle African artifacts, play instruments and wear African fabrics.

Pupils will experience cultural diversity from an African perspective, learning how the calabash is used, learning new words, as well as how someone can adhere comfortably to 2 or more cultural identities.

This journey will help young people identify where in the world certain stories come from. They will explore the setting of the places whether it is the Savannah plains or the rich mountain forests. Your pupils will learn African performance elements like call and response, song and movement.

Mara shares her rich cultural heritage through her storytelling. Her career has seen her become an award winning storyteller and perform internationally including, Kenya, Singapore, Jamaica, Sri Lanka, the USA and across the UK.


Workshops support English, History and Drama curriculum targets

For full details please contact or call 01729 822292